Friday, June 3, 2016


Process service is the notification and delivery of court and the civil judgment agency’s documents to litigants in accordance with the law.

The process service is conducted using the following methods:
  1. Grant, served and notify directly by post or by authorized third party;
  2. Publicly listing;
  3. Announcement on the mass media.
With the 1st and 2nd methods, previously, the court clerk, expert at the civil enforcement agency or even judges and executors served on their own. Or, these agencies can also send a letter by post; send the documents that need to be served to ask police precinct, ward people’s committee or neighborhood steering committee to serve instead.
With the 3rd method, the serve is done through such media as radio, television, newspaper, radio
Finally, because of the significance and importance of the serve, law regulates that the person who obliged to serve the procedural documents, if do not done correctly their responsibilities then depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation, he/she must be disciplined, administratively sanctioned or prosecuted for criminal liability; if causing damage, he/she have to pay compensation in accordance with law.

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